We model the application so you can author tests with a few clicks

No devices or installation required


Autonomously Crawling & Modeling Your App 

Upload an app. We’ll do the rest: Map flows, discover functionality and navigation, capture elements and generate  test data. Tons of valuable informations our AI  captures and uses to create tests in little to no time.


Run on many devices without your team spending a single minute.

Test Scenarios With a Few Clicks

Choose a flow in your app – Our AI will author your test. Add assertions, change test data, reorganize the flow and run in minutes. Tests are full customizable with little-to-no code required.

Results You Can Trust

Smart locators combining 8 different attributes ensure you can just an element once and we find it even when xPaths or IDs change.

Page loading varies? System popups? We figure it out so you don't have to.

Multiple safeguards ensure your test will fail only when a real bug is detected.

Autonomous Maintenance

Using proprietary algorithms we constantly  find patterns across tests and apply changes in one test to dozens of other tests. No more endless hours spent on maintenance. 

Run on Multiple Devices. Connect To Your Stack

Run your autonomous tests or end-to-end tests on multiple devices from your CI. No extra effort needed. 

Devices and emulators are pre-integrated making your experience seamless. 


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